F&I Hospitality

The F&I Hospitality product offers insurance solutions for the protection of assets and potential liabilities of HOSPITALITY and TOURISM establishments and its operators and provides safeguards and benefits to tourists and guests.
The policy covers a comprehensive range of insurance risk classes and has additional features including:

  • Coverage of property and liabilities arising in the Republic of South Africa, Malawi, Namibia and Zimbabwe
  • Employees’ compensation for accidental injury or death
  • Theft cover (non –forcible entry)
  • Damage caused by wild animals
  • Cost of relocation of wild animals following “breakout”
  • Consequential losses arising from murder, rape, suicide, shark attack, etc.
  • Loss of revenue due to a cancellation of an event
  • Broad form liability, including the EC directive compliance
  • Liability for visitors’/guests’ effects/spread of fire
  • Products/defective workmanship liability automatically included

For a complete list of our hospitality benefits, please contact us.

Additional benefits include:

  • Medical emergency evacuation – road air rescue – medical advice – care for stranded minors and for the frail and elderly – repatriation of guests / mortal remains, etc.
  • Trauma counselling (for guests and staff) following incidents of hijack, holdup or attacks by wild animals.