F&I Guesthouse

The F & I Guesthouse product can be either a standalone policy or a combination of Guesthouse and Personal insurance policies. The policy provides insurance solutions for the protection of assets and potential liabilities of Guesthouses and B&B establishments and benefits for tourists and guests. The product caters for a full and comprehensive range of insurance risk classes.

Some of the features are listed below but are not exhaustive and for a more extensive overview of the F & I Guesthouse policy, the wording can be accessed at this website.

Building & Structures

  • Subsidence and Landslip included
  • Accidental damage R25,000
  • Damage resulting from Power surge R25,000


  • Signs & signposts R10,000
  • Property in the open R25,000
  • Loss due to water leakage R10,000
  • Theft of guests laundry R5,000
  • Shades & canopies R20,000
  • Removal of bees, wasps and hornets R5,000
  • Collapsed shelving R10,000
  • Debris & silt removal R20,000
  • Deterioration of stock (Fridges/ Deep freezers/ Cold rooms R10,000
  • Veterinary fees R5,000
  • Household goods in transit R10,000
  • Property of employees R10,000
  • Damage to landscaped gardens R20,000

Loss of Revenue due to events of:

  • Murder, Suicide, Rape
  • Shark attack, oil spillage
  • Prevention of access
  • Outbreak of infectious /contagious diseases


  • Loss due to Bilking R25,000

Emergency Call Out Services

Includes the services of:

  • Plumbers
  • Glaziers
  • Electricians
  • Locksmiths
  • Tree Fellers